The GR5 titanium alloy is mainly used in aerospace to manufacture various beams, spacers, skid rails, landing gear beams, fans and compressor disks and blades of aeroengines, the shell, pressure vessel and all kinds of fasteners of space rocket. Using TC4 titanium alloy instead of 30CrMnSiA structural steel can reduce the weight of parts by about 30% .

Gr5 titanium alloy is also widely used in civil industry. For example, gas turbine blades in the power industry, marine propulsion in the shipbuilding industry, offshore oil drilling platforms in ocean engineering, various corrosion-resistant pumps in the chemical industry, artificial implants in medicine, all kinds of sports equipment and so on.

Gr5 titanium alloy can be used in automobile frame, crankshaft, connecting rod, bolt, oil inlet valve and suspension spring. Similar brands are:

Ti-6al-4v, Ti-6al-4v Eli, Ti-6Al-4V SP, Ti-6al-4v Eli SP (USA) ;

BT-6, BT-6C, BT-6, bt-6γ, BT-6, BT-6(Russia) ;

Imi-318, Imi-318eli (UK) ;

TiAl6V4(Germany) ; t-a6v (France) ; sat-64(Japan) .


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