Alkali cleaning: Soak in 3-5% sodium hydroxide analytical pure solution for 30-60 minutes at a temperature of about 40 degrees. Best among ultrasonic cleaners. After soaking, rinse with filtered deionized water or water for injection inside and outside until neutral, and measure the conductivity. Blow dry with pure air at a pressure of ≥0.4Mpa.


Pickling: Soak in 5% nitric acid solution for more than 8 hours at 40 °C. Best in ultrasonic cleaning machines. After soaking with filtered deionized water or water for injection to neutral inside and outside, test conductivity. Dry with pure air at pressure ≥0.4Mpa.


the above two methods can be used alone, can also be used alternately with each other. If there are conditions, can be combined with ultrasonic cleaning machine the best effect.Organic contamination can be combined with Surfactant cleaning, cell debris contamination system combined with enzyme cleaning is more effective.

(food and beverages can be cleaned with high concentrations of citric acid.) Be aware that regular online backwash (using pure Compressed air or filter stock or clean water for online cleaning) can reduce the frequency of these methods.  whatsapp:+8618700739260

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