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Titanium Plate

Name:Titanium and titanium alloy plate
Standard:ASTM B265, ASTMF67 and other related standards.
Size(mm): 0.5mm~20.0mm(Thickness)*1000mm(Width)*2000mm(Length)
Manufacturing Processes:Rolling, Forging, Annealing;
1.Other sizes can be negotiable.
2. Stress relieved plates can be negotiable.
3. Technical terms as per standard.
Remarks: Customized according to customer size, other requirements can be negotiated.

Product Description

Titanium and titanium alloys have low density and high tensile strength. In the range of -253~600 degrees Celsius, its specific strength is almost the highest among metal materials. It can form a thin and hard oxide in a suitable oxidizing environment.

The material film has excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, it is non-magnetic and has a small linear expansion coefficient. This makes titanium and its alloys first known as important aerospace structural materials, and then extended to shipbuilding, chemical industry and other fields, and has been rapid development.

Especially in the chemical industry, more and more products use titanium and titanium alloy products, such as petrochemical, fiber, pulp, fertilizer, electrochemistry and seawater desalination and other industries, as exchangers, reaction towers, and synthesizers. , Autoclave, etc. Titanium plates are used as titanium electrolytic plates in electrolysis and sewage desalination, titanium electrolytic cells, and titanium reactors are used as tower bodies and kettle bodies.


Size(mm): 0.5mm~20.0mm(Thickness)*1000mm(Width)*2000mm(Length)


Quality inspection: 100% ultrasonic flaw detection to ensure that there are no defects such as inclusions and pores inside the product. The chemical composition and mechanical properties are tested by a third party. At the same time, our company has the entire processing process from smelting to forging to inspection to ensure product quality.


Application fields: Titanium and titanium alloy products are widely used in chemical, mechanical, petrochemical, aerospace, medical and other fields.

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