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Titanium Anode

Substrate:titanium plate,rod,wire,mesh
Coating:Ru-Ir ,platinum and other coating
Size:Customized according to customer drawings

Product Description

1. High anti-corrosion performance, but extremely good performance.
2. The current efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is extremely low compared to the graphite anode.
3. Long working life, in the chlor-alkali industry, the service life is more than 8 years.
4. After the electrode loses its activity, the substrate can be reused.
Application areas:
Chlor-alkali industry, diaphragm production of alkali, chlorate industry, electrolysis to produce chlorine dioxide, acidic water electrolysis, electrolysis of seawater to produce chlorine, power plant circulating water to sterilize and kill algae, chloride system electrowinning metal, ion water electrolysis,etc.




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