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Spherical Titanium Alloy Powder

Particle size:-80 Mesh,-100 Mesh,-150Mesh,-200Mesh,-325Mesh etc. Accept customized request.
Characteristic: Good single dispersion , strong liquidity, smooth surface, more than 99.8% spherical rate, loose density 2.35g/ cm3,tap density 2.88g/ cm3. It will get uniform density, smooth surface, low pulverization flake off and broken when using this powder. It is also effective in low friction coefficient requirement and gas transportation industry.

Product Description

Physical property: Titanium powder is dark gray amorphous powder, boiling point ≤3000°C, melting point 1668°C±2°C, it is insoluble in water and organic solvent in normal temperature. Also known as nonmagnetic metal, which means it can’t be magnetized in intense magnetic field. it is non-poisonous and tasteless, and also gets good compatibility with human tissues and blood.

Packaging: Packed in steel drum which has inside plastic bag filled with argon and weighted 50kgs,or packed in vacuum plastic bag weighted 2-2.5kgs.The packages we used had been approved by import and export inspection and quarantine bureau.

Transportation and storage: It should be transported and stored in cool and dry place. Fire and demaged packing should be avoided.
Note:Other sizes & material can be negotiable.


Particle size:-80 Mesh,-100 Mesh,-150Mesh,-200Mesh,-325Mesh etc. Accept customized request.



Usage: It is widely used in manufacturing core components of aerospace structural parts, engine turbine disc , rocket nozzle ,3D (SLM) printing consumables and medical implants coatings.

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