Entering March, the domestic titanium market orders are stable. Although foreign orders have decreased, the demand for domestic orders is optimistic under the leadership of the aviation, military and civilian markets. The recovery of the production volume of material enterprises has also led to expanding the output of sponge titanium production enterprises.

According to reports, in February, the orders of various sponge titanium production enterprises generally increased, and they were in a state of saturated production. Among them, the output of the Yunnan titanium sponge factory has increased significantly, and the production of other titanium sponge factories also increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

However, the prices of raw materials such as titanium ore, high-titanium slag, and chlorine gas have risen rapidly recently, and the cost of sponge titanium production enterprises has increased. It is expected that the price of sponge titanium will continue to remain stable.

This week, the market price of titanium materials remained stable.

1. Titanium raw material market this week
1. Titanium Ore Market

The price of titanium ore continued to rise by about 7.4 USD/ton this week. The cost of titanium medium ore above grade 38 is about 224~231 USD/ton, the price of 46-grade 10 titanium concentrate is about 322~331 USD/ton, and the cost of 47-grade 20 titanium concentrate is 351~358 USD/ton.

2. High titanium slag

The high-titanium slag market is stable, and the price of acid slag is around 672~704 USD/ton.

3. Titanium dioxide market

This week, the market demand for titanium dioxide is strong, and the index is raised. The market ex-factory price of sulfuric acid process rutile type titanium dioxide is 2343~2493 USD/ton. The market ex-factory price of anatase-type titanium dioxide is 2045~2134 USD/ton.

4. Titanium tetrachloride and liquid chlorine market

The titanium tetrachloride market remains stable, with 1119~1134 USD/ton quotations.
The price of liquid chlorine continued to rise, and the quotation was 70 USD/ton.

5. Metal magnesium market

The price of metal magnesium is stable, and the price is around 3119-3134 USD/ton.

2. Titanium sponge market this week

This week, the production of sponge titanium core enterprises is saturated, and the output increased significantly compared with the same period last year. The sales situation is good, and the external quotations of enterprises have not changed.
Level 0 Domestic 11194~11343 USD/ton
Level 1 Domestic 10746~11045 USD/ton
Level 2 Domestic 10448~10746 USD/ton

3. Baoji titanium market

This week, export orders for titanium materials decreased significantly, while domestic orders increased significantly. Affected by the rising prices of metals such as molybdenum and tantalum, the prices of titanium alloys containing such elements rose. The market prices of other titanium materials remain stable; please pay attention to Titanium Home for specific market changes.
Gr1 ingot quotation: 12687~13134 USD/ton
Gr2 ingot quotation: 11940~12537USD/ton
Gr5 ingot quotation: 13731~14328 USD/ton
Quotation price of Gr1EB slab in other domestic regions: 14179~14627 USD/ton
Prices of domestic titanium hot-rolled coils and cold-rolled coils:
Quotation for black rolls: 13880~15373USD/ton
Quotation for cold rolled coil: 17164~19104 USD/ton
Quotation for hot-rolled plate (1.5 meters wide): 15672~17164 USD/ton
Quotation of Gr12 (TiMoNi) titanium plate: 24627-26119USD/ton
Quotation for titanium tube billet: 15-16USD /kg
Quotation for finished titanium tube (φ20~30mm): 20~22 USD/kg
Quotation for finished titanium welded pipe (φ20~30mm): 18.7~20 USD/kg
Quotation price of finished pure titanium light rod (φ20~40mm): 20~24 USD/kg
Quotation for finished titanium alloy (Gr5) light rod (φ20~40mm): 38~43USD /kg

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