Titanium rod filter has the characteristics of high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali, corrosion resistance, and the filter element can be regenerated repeatedly. It is a hollow filter tube made of titanium metal powder without high-temperature sintering by powder metallurgy. It is widely used It is used in liquid-solid separation in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, especially in the pharmaceutical industry for decarbonization and filtration in large infusion and injection production lines. This series of products has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. It is produced according to GMP standards. The pipe fittings are connected by international standard quick-fit connections, which are easy to disassemble and clean.

  1. Titanium filter elements are consumables. Although they are more durable than other filter elements, care should be taken not to scratch, touch, smash, or drop during cleaning and disassembly to prevent man-made damage. It is strictly forbidden to use tools to exert force on the surface of the filter element.
  2. Generally, the filtrate is filtered from the outside to the inside of the filter element, and reverse filtration is not recommended.
  3. When filtering, pressurize slowly to the required working pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to open the valve to pressurize quickly.
  4. Working pressure ≤ 0.45Mpa. When the pressure exceeds 0.45Mpa, it is necessary to use clean air or clean liquid to back-flush and back-flush online in time, and the back-flush pressure is ≤ 0.6Mpa.
  5. When backflushing and backflushing the titanium filter element, it is generally backflushed with pure gas first. The backflush pressure is 1.2-1.5 times the working pressure. Backwash with clean solution, backwash for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times.
  6. If the pressure loss of the filter element is still serious after online backflushing and backwashing, it should be removed in time for cleaning.

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