The universal hanger is suitable for a variety of parts and processes. The form and structure of the universal electroplating rack should be determined according to the geometric shape of the plated piece, the technical requirements of the coating, the process method and the size of the equipment. For example, sheet-like plated parts will drift off with the resistance of the plating solution between the upper and lower processes. When choosing a hanger, the plated parts should be clamped or fastened with copper wire. If the plated piece is heavy and has holes, a hook-shaped hanger can be used. The usage requirements are as follows:

(1) Hangers for manual operation. The loading weight is generally 1~3kg.

(2) The hook should have sufficient conductive area, and its type should make the conductivity good. Hanger hooks should be cleaned frequently.

(3) When using, care should be taken to handle with care, and try not to damage the insulation layer. Otherwise, it will cause power grabbing between the hanger and the workpiece, resulting in partial failure or roughness of the workpiece, which will affect the quality of the coating.

(4) After the hanger is used, it should be cleaned and stored properly for future use.

(5) The hanger that has been used for a period of time should be disposed of in time to remove the coating on the hanger to ensure good electrical conductivity. If there is a crack in the insulating layer of the hanger, it should be repaired or re-insulated in time.


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