(1) If semi-automatic cutting is performed, the guide rail should be placed on the flat surface of the titanium plate, and then the cutting machine should be placed on the guide rail. Note that the order cannot be reversed.

(2) The cutting parameters must be appropriate and should be reasonably determined based on the thickness of the titanium plate, etc., in order to obtain good cutting results.

(3) Check whether the cutting nozzle air is smooth. If there is any blockage, clear it in time.

(4) Before cutting the titanium plate, the surface should be cleaned and a certain space should be left, which can facilitate the blowing out of the slag.

(5) The distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the titanium plate should be appropriate. Too close or too far is not good.

(6) The titanium plate must be sufficiently preheated to avoid affecting the cutting process.

(7) If workpieces of different sizes are cut, small pieces should be cut first and then large pieces.

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