Do you know what to pay attention to when cutting titanium alloy plate?

Titanium alloy has many excellent properties, such as low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and non-magnetism, it is an important structural material in the fields of aviation, spaceflight, chemical industry, ship, automobile, weapon, sports and medical treatment.
Material manufacturers offer a variety of titanium and titanium alloys in a variety of particle sizes and purities formulated specifically for 3D printing, including:Ti6Al4V ,Ti6Al4V Eli and other Grade.
Titanium alloys can be divided into low-strength titanium alloys, ordinary-strength titanium alloys, medium-strength titanium alloys and high-strength titanium alloys according to different strengths
Titanium filter elements (including tubular and plate types) are made of industrial high-purity titanium powder (grade 0) as raw materials and sintered under high pressure and high temperature.
porous titanium filter;Titanium filter plate;Sintered mesh filter element
chemical treatment;anodizing aluminum;corrosion-resistant materials;pure titanium;titanium rack;
Titanium alloy precision machining accessories
Ti-6al-4v;titanium alloy,Ti-6al-4v Eli;BT-6;titanium alloy manufacturer;
Titanium rod filter has the characteristics of high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali, corrosion resistance, and the filter element can be regenerated repeatedly. It is a hollow filter tube made of titanium metal powder without high-temperature sintering by powder metallurgy
Price trend of titanium raw materials
Entering March, the domestic titanium market orders are stable. Although foreign orders have decreased, the demand for domestic orders is optimistic under the leadership of the aviation, military and civilian markets. The recovery of the production volume of material enterprises has also led to expanding the output of sponge titanium production enterprises.
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