We aim to build an international first rate titanium production base.

Our Company Introduction

Baoji Westbury Metal Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise integrating titanium and other products’ manufacture, sales, trading, and R&D.

We have intense technical research and development strength and have complete, systematic rare metal processing and production, analysis, and design, from new product design, research, and development, to smelting, forging, rolling, machining, product finishing, physical and chemical inspection and analysis,non-destructive testing, and metering control, system. The products are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, shipbuilding, medical, automotive, marine engineering, and other fields.

Our goal is to take a global view and forge ahead hand in hand to provide customers with professional services. Westbury Metal has a wealth of titanium processing technology and constantly strives for perfection. It is our business belief to keep our promises. Precision and excellent products will be your best choice.

Our Company Certificates

Material Manufacturer Certificate (MMC) proves the material is manufactured according to industry-wide standards. The MMC includes the name of the material, manufacturer, location, and all other relevant information regarding the material used, including test results and certificates. The certificate also includes all certifications required by HPi to verify that the material is manufactured according to standards.

The Quality Management System (QMS) certification ensures that suppliers and manufacturers meet the highest standards for product quality. The QMS certification is a rigorous process covering all production aspects, from design and manufacturing to testing and safety. It includes assessing the company’s operations, procedures, and policies; an independent audit; and obtaining accreditation from industry-approved organizations. With this certification, companies can be sure that their products meet the highest standards for quality control.

Our Production Equipments

2000T Free Forging Oil-Hydraulic Press

3500T Free Forging Oil-Hydraulic Press

Natural Gas & Resistance Heating Furnace

10T & 20T Oil-Hydraulic Manipulaton

① 3T Self-Consumable Vacuum ARC Furnace

② Operating Room of Vacuum ARC Furnace

③ 3500T Electrode Hydraulic Press

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